Campervan Hire Australia: 5 Great Tips About Rental Driving in Australia

IF YOU’RE thinking about campervan hire Australia offers you the best. One of the best ways to see Australia is to hire a campervan. Campervan rental is not only economical, but also allows you the most freedom.

Your itinerary is not up to some tour guide . . . you are free to travel and see whatever you please. And you’re not tied to a hotel/motel and your hire car.

campervan hire australia

If you want to drive anywhere in Australia you’ll need a valid driver’s licence. You can use either your own licence from where you live, or you can also use an international drivers licence.

If your driver’s licence isn’t in English, you will also need to carry with you a certified translation into English for verification purposes.

Make sure if you’re renting a campervan or motorhome, deal with a company like Driveabout Campers who takes care of every part of the hire process, has good value vehicles and clean facilities. And don’t get caught without insurance. Make sure you are fully covered for driving a campervan hired in Australia.

Five campervan hire Australia points to bear in mind:

  1. In Australia you drive on the left hand side of the road. If you drive on the right hand side of the road in your country, make sure you are familiar with turning, the different pedals, and the different viewing angles which you won’t be used to.

    If you react to a traffic emergency on reflex, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the road and in more trouble than you thought possible.

  2. Be alert for speed limits. Not all Australian speed limit areas are clearly marked. This is because Australian State Governments, particularly Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, use speeding tickets heavily to raise revenues.

    One trap is to coast along at the same speed all the other cars are going. This is a real trap and you’ll be sure to be chosen because you’re driving a hired campervan motorhome.

    It is possible for your driver’s licence to be confiscated on the spot, and your campervan rental company is also entitled to charge you for any fines you incur .

  3. Seatbelts and child restraints are compulsory all around Australia. You can be fined heavily for having a child unrestrained in the vehicle, and you can also forfeit your drivers licence.
  4. Be careful to plan your tours with petrol stations in mind. Never plan to travel too far without being able to refuel.

    Australia is a very big country with very frew people living in it, so there are many wide, wide spaces with nothing but countryside – and if you run out of petrol the chance are your cell phone won’t have signal either.

    Always carry a few litres in the back as a backup. And always check to see if the petrol station you’re counting on will be open . . . many close for the weekend.

  5. Be aware there are places you may not travel. Your campervan hire contract will let you k now for sure. Places you may not enter include Aboriginal burial grounds and holy places, un sealed roads, beaches, footpaths just to name a few.

Australia is the world’s most unique and amazing country to explore. Your memories from motorhome rental or campervan hire here in Australia will last you a lifetime. For people who are keen to try campervan hire Australia is one of the best destinations the world can offer.

Why use car hire and also pay for a hotel/motel, which only ties you into the one place? With campervan rental Australia becomes your oyster — whenever, and wherever you please.

Just contact Peter or Daryl at DriveAbout Campers and they’ll book you in personally.