Campervan Hire Cairns: Experience this!

campervan hire cairns

WHEN PLANNING your next trip to Queensland, Australia, have you considered campervan hire Cairns for your holiday?

The city is located in North Queensland, and was named after Governor William Wellington Cairns.

Throughout its history, Cairns has served as a stopover for miners; and as a major port and railhead. Today, Cairns is a thriving city with a population of roughly 152,000 people (2008).

If you want to travel throughout Australia via a campervan hire Cairns is the perfect destination. Here are some of the must-see attractions that you can enjoy while in Cairns:

1. Aboriginal culture
The culture and traditions of several indigenous groups living in the Cairns region will make your stay there even richer. And during the past two decades, several new ways have been offered for visitors to experience and enjoy the lifestyle of the aboriginals living in the region. You should certainly consider visiting the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which is located north of Cairns. 

2. Beaches
If sand and surf are your forte, then you can enjoy both of them during your stay in Cairns. The beaches are set in the midst of pristine rainforests, adding to their lure. They beaches are perfect whether you want to enjoy a picnic on the sand, take a dip in the water, or set up a tent nearby the beach. Some of the beaches that you can choose from include Machans Beach, Holloways Beach, the Northern Beaches, and Yorkeys Knob Beach.

3. Cairns Botanic Gardens
If you’re interested in seeing an array of flowers, then you should certainly include the Cairns Botanic Gardens on your itinerary. For those who enjoy campervan hire, Cairns includes this wonderful garden. One of the most attractive aspects of this tourist destination is that you can drive there from downtown Cairns, in just 15 minutes.

Besides the Botanic Gardens, you can also enjoy Mt. Whitfield National Park while in the area.
As an added bonus, the entire area where Cairns Botanic Gardens is located has recently undergone major development. That includes the construction of new buildings and new roads in the area.

The Cairns Botanic Gardens includes various sections, in which you can find different categories of plants. In fact, in the Botanic Gardens you can observe some of the Earth’s oldest plants!

4. Great Barrier Reef
When traveling by campervan hire, Cairns includes this fantastic natural wonder that you should certainly include on your itinerary. The Great Barrier Reef is actually the world’s largest reef. It is also the largest World Heritage area on Earth, and was Australia’s first World Heritage area. The reef’s dimensions are 2,011 kilometers in length, and up to 72 kilometers in width.

If you’re interested in enjoying an array of different plant and animal species, then the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect location for you. It includes about 4,000 mollusk species; 1,500 fish species; and 400 sponge species.

5. National Parks
For those who want to engage in a campervan hire, Cairns is recommended as a destination due to the various national parks that exist in the city. Daintree is arguably the most popular national park in this area of Australia. However, you can find over 20 national parks in the region. Some examples are Mossman Gorge, Barron Gorge, and Tully Gorge. These national parks include various attractions, including guided tours, breathtaking flora and fauna, and whitewater rafting. With all of the national parks in the region, it’s highly likely that you can find one that suits your preferences.

6. Sports
While staying in Cairns, you can enjoy a variety of sports-whether you want to watch or participate in them. Those sports range from tennis to football, and from cycling to rugby. Many of us can’t live without sports, and you won’t have to if you visit Cairns during your stay in Australia.

7. Wet Tropics
This World Heritage area is a group of tropical rainforests and vegetation, which extends up Queensland’s northeast coast. The Wet Tropics includes roughly 894,000 hectares. Due to the tropics’ beauty and biological value, in 1988 it was added to the World Heritage List. Here you can find an array of rivers, waterfalls, rainforests, and gorges.

8. Walking Tours
If you want to get some exercise after your campervan hire, Cairns provides you with that opportunity through various Walking Tours. The tours vary in difficulty, so before starting on one you should consider factors such as your fitness level, and whether young children are accompanying you.

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