Campervan Hire Qld: 5 Reasons To Explore Queensland by Campervan

Campervan hire Qld guarantees those who love to holiday using a campervan the world’s best vacation destinations. Queensland is different to all other holiday places around the world, with almost 8 million square kilometres to explore. From top to bottom, east to west, Queensland is like no other holiday location.

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When you tour Queensland in your campervan, everything you could possibly need is right wherever you point your steering wheel. Holidaying by campervan may not be a 5 star experience, but you’ll be free to go where you want to and enjoy what is on offer at your own pace.

The sky’s the limit when you see Queensland by campervan! Delighted campervan holiday travellers who have toured Queensland list 5 main points as to why they enjoyed it:

1 – There are no many different landscape formations scattered throughout Queensland.

There is a wide range of its beauty from rainforests to reefs, from beaches to the tropics, from deserts to tablelands. Each region enjoys a unique character, it’s own attractions and personalities, flora and fauna and scenic views. Whether you’re planning to tour just a portion of the state or you intend cross-territory treks, it is impossible to miss the incredible landscapes as you drive the terrain yourself.

2 – Access To Landmarks

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There’s no other way to say it, the only way to enjoy Queensland is under your own steam and having full control over your holiday agenda. From Jumpin Pin to the Atherton Tablelands, from Coolangatta to the Great Barrier Reef.

3 – Easy and Economic

Your campervan gives you a holiday’s greatest assets – fantastic comfort and freedom – whether you plan your holiday right down to the minute or you simply point and steer. Forget about the hassle of checking in and checking out of your hotel and you can even extend your holiday by simply picking up a phone. If you hate being stuck to a deadline and following your booking schedule like a hawk, then touring Queensland in a campervan is just right for you, because your hotel comes with you wherever you go. And don’t forget, as you travel exactly when and where you like all over Queensland, you’ll be saving money to spend on other things like souvenirs or nightclubs. Your meals will be whatever you feel like at the supermarket instead of ridiculously high hotel fare, and you can cook it just how you like it in your campervan kitchen.

4 – Holidaying by Campervan is More Fun Than Any Other Travel Means

A holiday by campervan lets you enjoy freedom so much more than any other way. It’s hard to beat having the freedom to do what you want whenever you feel like it. If it’s raining on one place, drive on over to your next stop, and expensive Queensland taxi fares are never a problem, and neither are bus or train schedules.

5 – You Aren’t Stuck on Highways Only

The most outstanding feature of travelling Queensland by campervan is the freedom to explore away from just the main roads. Because your schedule is your own, you have the freedom to stop and enjoy whatever you like. Get to your next destination by the shortest roads possible, or meander around the countryside for a couple of days, it’s all up to you. And if a spot really takes your fancy, just camp there for the night. If you choose campervan hire Qld offers world class unique holiday locations and facilities.

And for best bang for your buck, you can’t go past a campervan holiday.

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